Studying abroad, perhaps in a completely unfamiliar country, has always been a fascinating test.

Studying abroad, perhaps in a completely unfamiliar country, has always been a fascinating test.


How graduates can easily enter prestigious universities in Germany and Austria

Admission to universities in Germany and Austria

Germany, like Austria, is one of the leaders in world education. For Ukrainians, these countries offer the best universities, modern curricula, prestigious diplomas and all this – almost free. Albion Education has prepared tips on what to look for when planning a higher education at a German or Austrian university.

The system of secondary education in Europe has its own peculiarities. Education in Germany, as in Austria, lasts 12 years in high school, in Ukraine – 11. Accordingly, graduates of Ukrainian schools can not be enrolled directly in the university, the difference in school education must be closed – this is the first requirement for admission.

In Germany, there are two options for its coverage:

the first option is to enter a student college (a specialized educational institution, a college that provides pre-university training for foreign students in order to smooth the difference between the systems of German and foreign education and prepare young people to study at the university in German). Today, the network of preparatory colleges includes thirty-seven institutions; the second option is to study for one year at a Ukrainian university in the same specialty, after which to enter the university directly.

There are no student colleagues in Austria. Applicants can smooth out the difference in education already in the course of training, having passed preparatory courses on these or those subjects and having passed examinations.

The second requirement for admission to the university is a high knowledge of the German language.

Upon admission to Germany, the applicant must already have a TestDaf 4 certificate, Goethe-Zertifikat C1, Telc B2 or other equivalent certificate confirming a sufficiently high level of language proficiency.

Austria offers the opportunity to learn German before studying at the university, already in the status of a student. These courses are only possible for specialties that do not provide entrance exams, and only in Vienna, Graz and Leoben.

And the third, basic, requirement is evaluations.

Germany accepts candidates on the basis of grades in the school certificate, diploma, student certificate or discharge for the first year of university.

Austria, on the other hand, accepts applicants either without examinations, without paying any attention to grades, or on the basis of successfully passed entrance examinations.

For all questions about admission to Germany and Austria, please call for free at (044) 466-44-74.


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Learn about teaching in English at the State University of Germany

The University of Germany invites you to study

On November 26, 2018 at 16.00 you have a unique opportunity to meet in person with a representative of a leading German university, which offers training exclusively in English.

This is a very good chance for those who dream of getting a prestigious education and a German diploma, but who do not have the opportunity or time to learn German. Please note that the university has state accreditation, which is very important for further employment.

The meeting will take place with a specialist in working with foreign students at the University of Applied Sciences IUBH.

The university has 3 campuses in Germany (Berlin, Munich, Bad Honnef), two in Ireland (Dublin, Killarney) and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Here you can get a diploma in such areas as:

international aviation management; international Event management; international Hospitality management; marketing; tourism; hotel and restaurant business; finance and accounting; IT; logistics and others.

Upon graduation, foreign graduates are given 1.5 years to search for work in the specialty. But as the data show, there are no problems with this, because 87% of all IUBH graduates find employment within the next 3 months. 70% get management positions. 73% start their professional career in Germany. Part-time employment is also possible.

You can get more detailed information on Monday, November 26, at the Albion Education office at: 34 Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, Kyiv, entrance 2, office 32.


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